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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Young PAP Network Information session

I think I’m successfully being brainwashed.
I know I always say this after attending sessions, which is true right?
Have you gone to any session where people tell you bad things about themselves?
I’m not perfect, I’m WIP: work in progress.
Like I always say.
But, I don’t mind being brainwashed, at least right now.
I mean if PAP as the government is going to give me a peaceful life then why not?
Unless they turn from good to bad…

I’m not sure if I’ll be available to go down that day.
I know about those tea sessions that I’ve went from MOE to SPH to army to whatever you name it.
I’m not exactly interested and I feel like being a poet right now.
Think about it.
The future generation should thank me.
Because of me questioning 金庸, the syllabus changed after my batch.
I’m not proud of that, we must be humble so that we can always learn :)
Nevertheless, how many people in this world can get to question him like I do?