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Monday, 5 March 2012

Rich People More Likely to Lie and Cheat: Study

I came across this article today as I was starting up my smurfs:

If someone is rich, why do they still wanna lie?

It’s more of the business aspect.

Is this the reason why the rich get richer while the poor get poorer?

While GDP appears to be growing, did anyone calculate the income gap instead? Or at least the Gini coefficient?
Probably it would be 0.9? Just look at the rich living in house like Michael Jordan's S$36 million mansion. Yet there are people who can barely afford a flat even though ministers said SGD$1000 salary per month could allow you to own a flat.

Let the demand and supply curves speaks.

Oh well, it’s just like how people who lives in private landed property as good as a bungalow still wanna con me out of the tens and thousands and over dollars.

However, I do hope that SGD$1000 salary per month can allow me to own a flat. In that way, I’ll have a roof over my head and not much of a worry for a shelter.