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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I earn more than you.

Typical sentence that guys will say so that the woman in their life will quit their job and stay at home to be a housewife who will take care of their offspring.

It’s like what the heck man?! And today, I just talked to at least two guys who fall into this category. The rest were indirectly.

I think they are just craps. They never imagine life where the woman starts taking money from them.

And guess what? They are playing by that “everything belongs to my wife and my wife belongs to me” theory. Well, this is one of the blog posts from my spaces back when I was typing there.

PS: I’m gonna quit smurfing because I’ve already unlocked all the smurfs available. Ok, that was long ago, I just finding it boring.
Jia-you to me quitting gaming (=