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Thursday, 26 April 2012

PRC conman con me 5bucks

Two days ago, I met a PRC conman who con me of 5bucks =.=
He’s a male and is physically able, why does he wanna be a conman?!
And because of him, I didn’t managed to have my dinner and was hungry in the middle of the night.
In the end, I cooked instant noodles, it’s been a long time since I last did that.

Yesterday, I’ve been thinking…
With my PSLE results, I could have gone to one of those top all girls school.
With my O level results, I could have gone to one of those top JC like nanyang.
Would my life be different if I were to go to those schools instead?

Majority said yes.
What would my life be turned to then?

I’ve been thinking, why am I being born into this world?
The last thing I wanna do is to be someone useless.
I don’t mind being made use of because that means I’m someone useful and can have something for others to make use of.
That have always been what I say.

But I realize, ever since I finish primary school, I wont be in contact with primary school people.
Same goes for secondary, and perhaps JC too.
To be exact, these same people will no longer contact me.
Those calls and coming to my house regardless of the day and time cease.
Hypocrite isn’t that?