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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Din Tai Fung mango pudding

Today a girl texted me where I’ll be, I said I’ll be at orchard area from 4 to 5pm.
At 5pm, she texted me that she wanted to pass me something and told me to wait for 15minutes.
At 5:15, she was still nowhere to be seen.
At 5:30, she called to say she lost her way.

Because of her, I wasted $15 for nothing and was caught in the big heavy rain that was at least up to my ankle and I was drenched.

Waiting for girls just make me >;(

Anyway, today I was at H&M.
Singtel gave me $10 because of some hosting thingy.
I went throughout the whole building but nothing suits me.
The smallest size is 26inches.

The blue colour area was full of girls, I don’t actually see much girls wearing blue but anyway, it was full, so I went to the pink area that was empty.
The fitting room was having a long queue, so I simply put them on directly.
Amazing things happened, some girls started to take photo of me, not sure if they thought I was celebrity or maybe some crazy girl or what 0.o

Finally, I went din tai fung to eat mango pudding to calm myself down.

What a day >:/