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I paid a dollar to learn a lesson from a 15 years old girl and her boyfriend.

I bought something for $20.
Not I bought. My mom bought it.
She bought it for me but I don’t really like it a lot but I appreciate the thought behind it.

Then came a couple towards us.
The girlfriend said she want the things but hope to have a discount of $5 to give her boyfriend.
So we said ok.

She opened her wallet and took out $14.
She took the thing and wanted to go.
I was like “it’s short of a dollar”.

She started doing those disgusting things that many girls do to guys to get things that they want or for things to go their way or whatever.

I was disgusted, so I just say forget about the dollar.

I told my fren how disgusting the generation is becoming because she’s younger than me, only 15 years of age.

Then my fren said:
She was with her bf for a date right?
Won’t her bf have a dollar?
If they have no money, how to go on date?

I was like
Money can be earned, shall take it as an experience.


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