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Sunday, 27 May 2012

It is easy to be a father but difficult to be a dad.

Recently, lots of things happened.

I went to watch Men in Black 3 :)

It’s not bad, the front part was exceptionally funny but no one laughed till I did =.=
I like that part where the woman was “mourning” lol…

A by-election was held in Singapore, not at where I’m residing.
As usual, the opposition won but that’s not the point.
I’m more amazed at how bloggers got into the pictures and how guys are really failures, especially those fathers, are you even fit to be father?

Not siding with either one of them, taking into the consideration that people have freedom of speech, I feel that both are right to express their view. However, why go on with personal attack?

I kinda get sick of people who criticize others about their physique, family etc… and names calling, are they even true?
That’s like personal attack and dragging unrelated others in, then these people really deserve it.

I’ve my principle of not offending others unless they come on against me first.
But with my magnanimous character, I’d at least tolerated three times.

This has nothing related to the above, just thinking how one should deal with their ex if their ex are like as though they are very good, maybe you can do this?
It’ll be of good quality! LOL!