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Live and let live

I’m no longer doing surveys one guys as I’m hardly in contact with guys now.
Well, to guys, I’m someone irritating :)
That’s what all the guys who knows me say.

So, I’ve been doing experiments on girls, if you can even call that experiments or just pure observations.

I realize that girls are somewhat like this

I admit that I’m a girl and I do behave like this only towards the colour blue.
Like, light blue or dark blue or baby blue or sky blue.
Just four options max?

This reminds me of my quiz on facebook back then (:
Miss that period of time.

I used to have shoutmix to reminisce but now, shoutmix is gone :/
Nah, not totally but gotta pay and a poor person like me don’t have the luxury for it.

There is one particular thing about girls that I get really disgusted about.
The way they bargain.

It goes like this…

Seller: how much would you want it for?
Buyer: is $10 ok?
Seller: *thinking: fine… since cost price is $9* ok.
Buyer: can give discount? Like 50%?
Seller: cant, this is just a little about cost price.
Buyer: wow… so expensive, are you trying to cheat money?

I understand bargaining is to get benefit for one self, but to this extent?

After that, they’ll bring their friend along (thinking the seller won’t know).

Friend: hi, I want this, how much?
Seller: $10
Friend: wow, I think it’s only worth $5


When they really can’t take it anymore, both will “attack” together.

Buyer: I saw another selling this for $6
Friend: oh, then $5 is low, so you want to sell for $6?
Seller: my cost price is higher, $10 only.

Then when both of them have no choice, they will finally buy it since they want it.

But in between, they will say nasty things like the seller is cheating, it’s spoilt or whatever lies they can think of just to lower the price of the item.

It makes me differentiate the future aunties.
They are like plus minus 5 years of my age.
But I don’t behave this way back then nor will I be like this in the future.

I don’t shop anyway =.=

Oh well…


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