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Our first 2012 meet up.

Today, the four of us met up, finally after so long, it’s a rare occasion that all four of us are free at the same time, usually only a few.

I met shihui at 6plus and shuhui at 7plus.
Siting was 2.5hours late =.=

Then I brought this topic out.

I still remember there was once I went to siting’s house and I was very direct to say “siting! Why you sleep in the store room?!”

That’s how sad my current government is.

A room used to be able to put 3beds, then 2beds, and now… size of a storeroom.

Next, we were talking about in time, I just feel the movie is so real, in the sense it really reflects current life around the globe.
I was like can you imagine that I’m friends with my mom’s friend, I tell her my stuffs, and she go and tell my mom?
Then shihui said, that’s not the point, imagine falling in love with people your parents or grandparents’ generation, LOL!

Ok… it’s 3plus… I’m sleepy so gotta sleep first…



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