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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ikea, scanteak, vhive or what?

Two years ago, I spent $1697 to buy an Acer Aspire 4741G notebook series it survived two years!
Except that the battery is no longer working so I’ll have to use the power socket and now it functions like a desktop instead.

I wanted to buy furniture from ikea but was warned about the quality.
I went to scanteak since the quality was told to be good but when I went to touch them, it stunned the people who went along with me.
It was super duper flimsy.
So I guess maybe I should get vhive, the personal and online customer service was good until I called them, the attitude was…

Till now, I’m not sure of which company to go to.

I got my eye on quite a lot of things but none of them get back to me =.=

I’m now thinking maybe I should get them custom made instead.

Looking back, it’s been more than a year I didn’t buy things.
So this time round, I got lots of reason to buy things, new things :D
Because all my stuffs are more than a year, just that I’m good in taking care of things :)