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Marriages increased by 12% in 2011 compared with 2010

Recently, I’ve been doing lots of planning.
I guess that is good as my mind is occupied :)

There are many things that happened but too lazy to blog about them right now.

Today, I overheard the news saying that there’s 12% increase in marriage.
I wonder are they impulse, shotgun or what not?

They didn’t really talk about divorce.
I wonder if they consider cases where religion are brought in to the picture and they can’t divorce?
Parents who stay together for the sake of children?
People who had extra marital affairs?
Those who are too lazy to file for divorce?
And many other situations right?

I consider myself very lucky, as my parents are very loving.
Since young, marriage is like a fairytale, something to dream of.
Until I get into relationship, I realize it should be spelt relationshit?

I ever said… “Don’t ever get into a relationshiT”


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child