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Being poor is not a crime.



It seems like they are having lots of fun.

Well, they are rich people while I’m not financially rich.

They’ve taken planes for so many times but I’ve yet to even board it once in my life thus far.

They can have the time to help others, go out, have fun and enjoy.

They are rich, like said.

I’m not. Which is why because I can’t afford to pay the school to attend their graduation, I was called out upon by the management.

When I step in primary one, I wanted to build an old folks home to help elderlies who are abandoned by their child or children.
When I was in primary four, I wanted to build a school to help people with down syndrome.
When I step in secondary one, I wanted to build facilities to help the disabled.
When I was in secondary three, I wanted to build educational centres for the slow learners.
When I was in secondary four, I wanted to be a psychologist who can encourage people with mental problems.
When I was in college, I wanted to build an orphanage for the orphans.
When I step in university, I wanted to open a child care centre.
Now, I think I want to help children with dyslexia.

I don’t see why people want to outcast others for reasons such as looks, finance, education level etc…

If you really want to outcast someone, maybe for their character?

But even that, try talking to that person about it first?


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