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Monday, 20 August 2012

Canton Paradise at Jcube got disgusting chef.

I went Canton Paradise at Jcube for lunch today.

Just as we were queuing up for payment, we and other customers saw what the chef did, one was working while the rest were slacking, no wonder food came late and had many confused orders. That’s not the point but the chef digged his ears and used the same hand to handle the food without any glove.

Thankfully, what I saw was the noodles but not what we ate, we nearly ordered noodles but I had pasta the whole of yesterday, from breakfast to supper, thanks to my parents, it’s at least much better than eating outside food. Home cooked food is the best because of what’s behind it =)

But gosh! The chef is disgusting!

Not gonna go there anymore >.<

I’ve kinda run out of food to eat, I’ve tried almost every single decent, edible food possible. Other than smelly toufu, toad etc… I think I should come up with my own dishes, after I get my kitchen ^.^