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National Day Rally 2012

The government said many things, which I would boil it down to family. Loving a family.

Many problems that Singapore is facing now are due to the successful implementation of “stop-at-two” while the not really successful “baby bonus scheme” that cause the influx of foreigners in Singapore creating tension in Singapore. I totally agree that Singapore ‘will fold up’ if citizens don’t reproduce. According to the nature of all living things, we reproduce to ensure survival of our own kind. If we don’t reproduce, how can we survive?

My plan for the government because they “don’t know what to say” and asked, “what do you think”.

The cost is easy, the government will be “big-hearted” to lead the life of the people so they won’t mind giving up their 15K for 1.5K. Remember, with just 1K, you can but a HDB flat and majority of Singaporeans including myself, live in one. To increase the fertility rate instead of getting “foreign talents” who will cause integration problem, this kinda money is worth spending, have the foresight, look far and treat this as an investment.

I’m very reasonable, I didn’t ask for things like sponsored overseas trip or anything that are luxury, those stated are necessities and part of the pregnancy or children’s growing up process. I’m standing from the view point of the top student in my primary school class, the top student in my secondary school, the top 200 bilingual students in entire Singapore and the top student in university. Should they implement this, I’ll get married ASAP and give birth to at least 5 children.

BUT, Must ask the government do these first :D


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