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No good deed goes unpunished




Yes, it’s her. She was the one who shouted at me and not just me across the corridor at mountbatten square on 16th November 2011. I was so afraid that I diarrhea-ed. I had no choice but to call the police where she lied to the police that she allowed me to go to the toilet, when the fact is I couldn’t hold it anymore that I got to rush out of the room they trapped me in to go to the toilet to release myself. I’ve got evidence of it plus it was so smelly that they were standing from inside the toilet to outside. Imagine how bad it was that day.

As you can see, Poli flew all the way to Singapore to attend this. I didn’t tell him even though he did ask about it because he already book his flight.
That’s Poli, Nas, Ivy, Regina, Leo and Dennis.
Above are Nicki, Sky, Vibo, Jacky, Leo (again) and Joni.
Center is the Russia guy with Nico.
Nas is hugging his GF.
Jingjing is having her standard pose.
That white shirt is May who called my mom and told her that they should go down to the school when I reported the school to CPE when the school didn’t even bothered to entertain my parents when I was making payments to the school. They didn’t even bothered to say hi, less to say show her around the school. The school simply said, “we’re busy, go home”. After she called, my mom was like she can’t be bothered with this school as they only waste her time, remembering that she did wasted her time when she went down before. My dad was like telling me that they have never agreed to let me attend this school before.
This is Beena and Jona, the one who sent rude text messages according to everyone who read it.

Here are David and Paul.
I’m surprised that they went there because they were the ones who provided me inside information about the school and told me to go and study in other schools.

Finally, the group photo, if you need a clearer one…

People who knows the whole story knows that they were the ones who came to me with their grievances to want me to voice out for them but they are now enjoying themselves while I’m being accosted by the school to insults and interrogation, some say that they just want to sabotage me but

All I can say is

Since now I’m a one-man-standing, I shall continue to stand up for my rights.

Besides, a school that gives out examination questions for their students to memorize so that they can regurgitate them out during examinations, are the students learning how to apply or how to memorize?


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