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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

S’pore is now richest in the world

I posted something on facebook…
And the news say…

Well, that’s kinda misleading, rich as in?
Spending more doesn’t mean rich if you get what I mean.
Like how people have a grand birthday party then for the rest of the month, you know it.

I’m just wondering if it’s better to live in a 3-room flat in queenstown or a 5-room executive at you-know-where…
A 3-room RESALE flat in queenstown is a minimum of 300K but the BRAND NEW (I don’t really consider it as first hand since the workers live there first, I’m telling the truth =.=) 5-room executive is 200K
The difference of 100K will probably be to subsidize for a vehicle, that again is a want or not since you can choose public transport.
However, you’ll have a big house with car instead of a small flat.
It’s a matter of choice.

This month, guys my batch, taking the shortest possible route in their education are starting their degree.
I realized a trend on my fb, many people are having a degree, that doesn’t make the degree worthless.
I don’t think any degree is worthless to begin with.
There’s a price to every degree.
Like you can buy a degree for 50K or 30K or 20K or an online degree for 10K.
You don’t have to study and have the knowledge or what, just have the money and the degree is yours.

Therefore, I think Mark Zuckerberg is an evidence of how you don’t need a degree to earn, fight a lawsuit with your school, win it and everyone will know that you’re better than the school.
Something like that, lol…

Ultimately, isn’t a degree for most to earn money?
Otherwise, get the degree for what?
If you can earn the money right now, why study?