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The last day of 2011

School management decided to mediate.

They want it on Thursday.

Who doesn’t know this is a part of their job?

This just make me feel as though it’s the NKF incident…

This year, hmmm… anything special?

Well, what I can think of right now is my school incident which is till now – pending.

Somehow, it amaze me at how things progress.

It’s started out with students telling me that they are unhappy with the management so they want me to stand up for them and the management told me to represent them to talk to them.
Yet during the meeting, someone by the name of Lesley refused to let me talk, disallowed me to go for lunch.
After that, someone by the name of Maria sent me a legal threat. While another, May, called my mom over 30 times.

I put up with all these until they sent another woman named Lilian to trap me in the room and refuse to let me go to the toilet so that I’ll fall ill and lose weight.

Police was called down to rescue me, bringing the case to the Council for Private Education.

From the blue came another guy called Loo who claimed to want to negotiate but back out in the negotiation.
In the process, Loo kept talking about his daughter, Grace Loo, saying that I’m about the same age as her.

I don’t see the link at all.

Then it dragged and dragged…

Until now, I’m still waiting. :(


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