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I’m living in the smallest possible 3-room flat in the entire Singapore.

I was bored, so I was looking at websites online.

You know, some people can have big house. Like a big, huge house where they can have a bathtub, a walk in wardrobe, a corner of the house where they can put their things etc? Like one special corner especially for them? Probably you don’t need that big or huge a house. But that spacious area…

Well… it’s like if you would like to have a small house in queenstown
Or twice the size but in jurong
Or thrice the size but in woodland
Or even four times the size but in sengkang
Something like that.

Well, I think I should learn to be contented.
I think I should make the most of what I have and make a house the cozy little home of mine.

If you google, prior to the recent first million dollar HDB in Singapore located in Queenstown, there wasn’t any transaction made in Queenstown for the past months. The last transaction was ours!!! Like we were the one who bought it at like $500 plus and that’s it. No one ever bought as everyone is aiming to sell at a COV higher than what we paid. The one after us made into the news. Awww man!

Good and bad.
Good that we didn’t bought it at a million and bad that we didn’t make it into the news, else I can probably get some freebies?

I saw some bloggers asking for freebies for their house :S
My parents said it’s not as if we’re beggars etc…
True enough, but at least there are people who are willing to give them FOC right?

Anyway, ta-dang!
It’s a 8-seater, Honda with the letter “H”
And look, nice car plate huh?


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