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Science Buskers Festival 2012 by A*STAR & Science Centre

Yesterday, I was invited to the event and I sat right at the back :P
First of all, I gotta thank God for making my camera last right till the end of the event because I actually played with it and forgot to charge it!
Okay, for those who’ve seen the photos here:
My camera is a Panasonic lumix :)
It’s about hundred to two hundred bucks, my first ever camera =)

I appeared thrice, as far as I can remember, not sure if there’s more because I was attracting the attention of humans between a few months to probably the age of 12, so people ended up kept looking back, lol…

I also missed some parts of the events as I went to the toilet and was talking to parents.

A drink a lot of water and guess what? I forgot to bring my water bottle! I sat through the whole event hardly talking =.=

This event made me feel bad for like a week or so.
I didn’t blog about it as I was kinda down and didn’t wanna affect people with my mood.
But now I’m not that as bad.
I was just thinking if my life’s gonna be a stay at home mom driving a merc to sent my children to CHS, that made me feel bad.
Well, I want my children to lead a life like mine BUT with my guidance beside them.

I want them to go to a school where they can see people from all sorts of life, how hypocrite and superficial people can be. In my life, people call me mature and learn a lot, I didn’t get all these easy, I went through them with my own personal life experiences. Otherwise, I would have many critics etc. but I don’t, for if anyone question me, I’ll just look at them and say “I’m honest, otherwise, go ahead and find evidence against me which you won’t, don’t make me hope that your loved ones experience what I did.” People who know me know that this is the worst thing I can say to someone.

So yeah, I think I want my children to have a taste of what I had, only then they can really grow.

Anyway, this year’s teachers’ day, CHS got the news.

I think I should just stick with my simple lifestyle, be contented.

Parents are also complaining about pre-school fees. To be honest, if your child can study in a school that’s $80 but you want your child to study in one that cost $8000, that’s a both party are willing don’t grumble and regret thingy.

What do you actually learn in pre-school? A-Z and 1-9.
Even zero or ten is a challenge to them.
They are there to be taught to share, make friends.

I doubt I’ll send my children to pre-school, maximum, I’ll just sent to the cheapest and just a year before they enter the compulsory primary school. When I become a mother, my motherly love is much more precious than them studying in school :D

What kinda teachers are they having now in primary school and secondary school?
Primary: after A level, nowhere to go so go NIE.
Secondary: after university, nowhere to go so go NIE.
Standards are not there, passion is not there, but abuse and sarcasm are there.
I’ve got “teachers” telling that it’s for the money and better than jobless or a simple: no choice.

After my children finish their ten years of basic education, they are free to do what they want.
I’m thinking of them maybe becoming a pilot =D
Doctor for cancer or a lawyer for divorce or writing wills.
They earn big bucks, lots of them in Singapore.

Now you think it’s materialistic?

The topic is science buskers, guess what happened?
I went there, lots of children came to welcome me, “children” below the age of 12.
Conversation went…
Them: hi, welcome *wide smile*
Me: hi, yes?
Them: how did you came here?
Me: *pause*
Them: did you came by car or bus or what?
Me: I walked in from the entrance?
Them: *whispering in an audible voice* she walk, she’s very poor, let’s not entertain her so much
Me: *shocked but pretended that I didn’t hear it*
Them: *walked away*
Me: *decided to go by myself, took out my stuffs*
Them: OMG! She’s rich, let’s go and talk to her!
Me: oh hi, how may I help you?
Them: oh, we’ve got something to show you
Me: oh, ok, but they came to me first, sorry :)
Them: *blaming each other* it’s all your fault for offending her!

Inside my heart:
When I was their age, I was so simple, I chase guys, I play, I give, I just want people around me to be happy and I will be happy.

But them…
It’s also kinda saddening when the climax of the whole event went down and the emcee had to use the word “CASH” to get the attention.

Is life all about money?
Are you gonna bring them to your grave?

But ya, I’ve decided that my children should have just a year of pre-school then follow me and enter my alma mater.

Recently, I’ve been packing my stuffs for renovation.
I totally regret buying so much. Yeah, people who know me will know because I always give them things that I don’t want. When I buy things, I always buy not 2 or 3 times but 20 times of what I require. I’m just afraid and just in case… but for the past one year, I hadn’t been buying things, I’ve learnt from my mistakes, now I know not to spent.

So my children will not be short of things because they can all use what I have. It’s like all their life is planned, nothing for them to worry about, they can use all my leftovers =P what?! It’s called motherly love.

Don’t you think it’s funny?
I’m not even married, less to say pregnant, yet I’m talking about all these?
Probably because I’ve got too many psycho sessions.
My parents aren’t even 50 and they tell me they want grandchildren everyday =.=
I’m like please, you don’t even qualify for senior citizens.

My friends are “booking” my children, because I’m so cute, so my children will hold my genetic information and be cute too ^.^ then they will help in their wedding, awww *.* but who help in mine?!

Nvm, I shall charge them per help XD

I always wonder how can my parents bear to beat me since I’m so cute, their replied “don’t you realize we don’t look at you when we beat you?” make sense.


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