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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Singapore's 1st satellite estate, Queenstown

Queenstown in on the news again!
Nah, just summarizing about the Queen’s visit and the first million dollar flat sold in Singapore.
People pay like max $400, after we paid $500 plus…
It’s the million dollar flat.
Are we the catalyst?
Probably :X

Random photos taken by random me
And this makes me think about the hunger games…
Not gonna say which district I’m staying in, but it’s the same old smallest 3-room flat in Singapore from my primary to secondary to jc to uni to now. Lol…

I stay near my alma mater because I sleep Z.Z
It’s difficult for me to wake up early.

All my life I’ve been hoping of en-bloc in queenstown, now I hope the government wont en-bloc :S