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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Collar bones and big mouth females.

I went to town today.

It’s good except that some females, their mouths.
They were like saying things as if I’m some kinda cheapskate.

When I’m at Ion, I get free chocolates.
But I still buy the chocolates, if they give me more than what I bought, what do you want me to do?
I don’t eat all of them by myself, I share.
I’m doing free advertising for them.

When I’m at restaurants around Somerset areas, I get served mostly by outlets managers.
I got special seating, didn’t I always have special seating?
Even when I was still studying?
There’s always this “Hui Hui’s seat”.

But I’m not kinda known at PS area.
It’s far for me anyway.
Because I’m lazy to travel there lol!

Honestly, do you think this is good?

Walking to a place and people “welcome” you?
Eating your food and people constantly beside you?

The grass is always greener at the other side.

And some girls are 0.o

They think collar bones are pretty.