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Monday, 1 October 2012

End of demolishment

Today, called tanjong pagar town council at 10am, their people came down at 11am.
At about 12pm, I posted photos on facebook, you can view them here:

I’m only in one of the photos.
I was tired when the photo was taken.
As you can see, it was dark at night…
I had a long day “guarding” the workers.

HDB gives three days for demolishing works.
Basically, people don’t actually demolish, people renovate.
Demolish cost about 20K. 10K for removing and another 10K for chemicals.
After that, tiles went in.
The tiles are another 10K.

So what you see in the album are 30K HARD-CORE CASH.

Enough said about renovation.

My fren came my house and my mom didn’t cook for lunch.
We went anchor point for lunch at TCC.
Service sucks.
By Singaporeans.

I totally lost my appetite, even though I still bought pasta and drink.

Super stereotype.

If you see these two Caucasians…
They are reading newspaper and they only have a drink. Yet they were given four-seats.
I wanted to had my courses of normal meals and we were carrying lots of stuffs but we were only given a small two-seats.

Remember, it’s “courses of normal meals” meaning, I will have my food, drinks, desserts etc…

Because of the waiters there, I totally lost my appetite; I was too pissed to order.
I had something else for my lunch.

Guess what? Just as we were making payments and cards came out.

The waiters were super nice, they smiled, asking me if I still want more, didn’t I said I want my desserts, those food.
Hypocrite man!
And they have CCTV there if you wanna go ask them to show you how their bad their attitude was initially.

“Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,”
In the end, I controlled, I smiled, I left.
I told myself not to go there to see those superficial people.

So we went elsewhere.
We went to VivoCity.
Guess who I met?
Veronica Loh!
Lol… she’s my classmate in primary school and schoolmate in college, she was there with her boyfriend.
So coincidental~~~
I was exiting the washroom while she was entering.

It was at the rooftop.
Because today was a last minute thingy, we didn’t make any reservation for restaurants.
I wanted to eat crab at ‘No Signboard Restaurant’ but waiting time was an hour and I was too hungry >.<

So yeah :/

This week, gotta book restaurant for me to eat crab =)

It’s past midnight, time for supper =D