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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Why We Are So Rude Online

After I had my lunch, I went online and I saw this

I think it’s funny.
Fancy liking my page just to post that and then unlike my page?
Unliking it will make it not visible to others.
So I took another screen shot of it.

Much clearer.
And so I went to her profile since I don’t even know who is she?

I don’t even have a single mutual friend with her.
That profile is empty, not sure if it’s valid :/

Some people also helped me find a photo, not sure if they’re the same person?

Anyway, that profile changed it’s profile photo when I was back after dinner.

I feel so victimised, out of a sudden someone insane come and write on my wall.
But look at it positively, I’ve got stalkers? Lol…