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Yoshinoya 313 Somerset

Today I went to yoshinoya to buy dinner, I went early as it rained.

Last week, I went there.
It seems that there’s this new guy working there.
After he works there, he kinda bully his other colleagues.

But well, that’s their problem as long as they know basic respect for me as their customer.

Guess what?
Last week I already posted my experience up on facebook.
They did reply.

But this week, again it happened.
Probably his eyes rolled out because this week he didn’t rolled his eyes at me.

There was no one there in the queue but I waited for 5minutes and he didn’t even do his work but just relax while playing with the machine.

Me: may I know how long more do I have to wait?
Him: we will call your number, just wait.
Me: ok…

After that, guess what?
He got the order TOTALLY wrong, he didn’t apologise.
He didn’t rolled his eyes at me, he rolled at the food =.=

I was like what are you trying to do?
It’s your fault then you admit it, why do you have to like vent it on the food?

And the management of yoshinoya claim to will take action but there’s no improvement but things became worse. Seriously?

I shouldn’t have went jurong point for din tai fung yesterday.
Else, I could have eat din tai fung at 313 today.

Didn’t want to eat the same kinda food and this is the kinda outcome.
Totally >:(


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