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Thursday, 1 November 2012

An email from Michael Tan, General Legal Counsel for Convergent Systems.

This email was found in my junk folder and deemed suspicious.

Anyway, I’m bored, since I blogged about a post pearlyn tagged me in it, I might as well blog about some conman stuffs I found in junk.

Highlighted less than 10 main points.

“General Legal Counsel”
More details?

So is yes or no?

“Coward Jun Hao”
Are you the transgender who wrote on my page?

“things like that”
Like what?

“I've tried to”
So did you succeed?

“actually, I think I do understand”
Opinion or fact?

“those guys”
Who are those guys?

What are the techniques?

Who is he?

I think it’s interesting because the first time I receive a junk email saying “General Legal Counsel” lol…
Normally are people talking about business or money lending?
For the past one year I’ve been dealing with so many legal stuffs and when I received this email, I was also at some government organization with CCTV and people there as my evidences and witness.
The conman is probably thinking that I’ll be scared and send them money to con me =.=