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Chef Hui Hui: no oil, no salt.

One day, I’ll really become a chef!
Actually, I already am, the chef at home, lol…
In order to have no oil, no salt, I didn’t buy oil or salt so that I wont use them at all.
But that doesn’t mean the food doesn’t contain them.
Chicken itself contains oil.

I believe in natural. Like the natural taste. Yummy *.*

Since the handover of keys, it’s been tiring.
I’ve been cooking.
Using ingredients such as hotdogs, sausages, fish balls, eggs, bean sprouts, roti prata with flavours such as cheese and onion and the original flavour with curry and rice…

I’ve learnt how to choose ingredients.
Like throwing me into the wet markets and choose from there.
I used to be that kinda girl who’ll be out buying from ION, somerset or jelita.
Now I’m using my bare hands touching the raw food in wet markets :/
My hands are having cuts now :(

I must say, buying food in wet markets is much cheaper.
Like $0.20 and you can get what’s fresh in the open air as compared to $5.00 for those packed properly for you.

I think I’m a great chef because no one got diarrhoea thus far after eating my food and all of them taste nice with real chef from top restaurants saying so =D

And tomorrow I’ll be cooking lotus soup :)


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