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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Handover of renovation.

I climbed stairs.
After a long time of not exercising, it’s tiring.
Plus, I’m sorta injured :/

Yesterday, I posted online that I’ve got the keys :)

Guess what?
The house welcome me by making my feet bleed.

Yesterday, we were doing cleaning.

Today, the house made my feet and hand bleed.
We were moving stuffs.

I realised I’ve got lotsa collection from hahahahahahax… not gonna tell you, lol…

For people who come, they know the lotsa things I have.

Now, I think I should give my stuffs away, or should I sell them?
Maybe can get some money?
Lol… only if there’re people who want?

Now I’m so scared like what if the government en bloc and I gotta move?!?!?!

It’s a scary thought.

It feels so tiring…

Anyway, this is what happens when there’s no me

Lol… but I don’t use washing machines XD
I hand wash all my clothes :)