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I still remember more than one year ago, people thought that I’m pregnant.

People are starting to get their HDB letters.
Waiting for a HDB is a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of…
So those who applied last year are getting their letters now and keys next year.
They are excitedly talking about their plans, renovations, furniture, stuffs like that.
Oh well, they are the young couples age 20+, keeping in mind that only one of them is 20+, even 29 is ok lol…
Well, there are people who are 40+ and can have three boys straight if you know who I’m referring to.

I don’t feel lonely, but I feel alone.
It seems that there’s on one who I can share my thoughts with.
Not really that there’s no one, there are people, just not my age.
I think I’m too far ahead of my peers.
I still remember more than one year ago, people thought that I’m pregnant, LOL!
What a joke man =.=

Thinking about parenthood.
My parents are not even 50years old…
But they weren’t the first couple to get married.
I also wont be the first couple who get married since I already have people my age who got married already.
However, during my childhood, people told me that I was a shotgun baby and that made me feel sad :(
Of course I’m not, my parents showed me all the document, only then I was pacified.

Anyway, I went orchard today, the lightings up :)


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child