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Sunday, 25 November 2012

I want a boy then a girl.

I want to have a boy first and two years later have a girl.
Of course, this is assuming I’m gonna have two kids.

Guys always got this NS thingy that they always use as excuse.
If I have a boy then a girl, they’ll both be in uni at the same time.

When I’m in school, I always look at my brother and his friends think that I’m in love with him, which of course I am but brotherly love, not that kinda BGR.

So I think my girl will be like me, look at her brother.

Imagine if the brother is trying to concentrate and there’s his cute little sis looking at him, hahahax…

And imagine if his friends ask him
“Hey! That cute girl is looking at you, intro?”

That’s when my business plan comes in.

Selling phone number, lol…
Of whatever information people want.

Okay, I get these ideas from my girls wanting to book my children for their marriage.

Plus, people sent PI to stalk me.

So I guess information about me do worth money.
So do the information about my offspring.

Anyway, people wants me to get married first, yet they don’t =.=

Where do I get my little children to throw flowers in front of me from?

Okay, I’m thinking a lot.
I’m also thinking if it’s worth it to trade my 18 inches waist for a 28 or even 38 inches.
And if I love my children, why should I bring them to this world to suffer?
I don’t have perfect eyesight and I don’t put on makeup.
I’ve never seen a bride wearing spec and without makeup.

Except for this model, the only photo I can found online.

Close enough.

But this is a want not a need, I’ll want many if it’s easy but sadly it’s not, it’s…

My 18 inches waist, right now, I prefer food.