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My first time buying from Vhive in Singapore.

We didn’t choose scan teak.
Not value for money to us.
We went to the outlet at jurong east, they said it’s a last day sale.
The next day we went, it’s on a last day sale.
The following week we went, still on a last day sale.
So we decided, since it’s always on sale, no point buying so soon.
Plus, it’s not cheap since the government may en bloc anytime.
Thus, we give a depreciation period of 5 years.
Narrowing it down to either IKEA or Vhive.

I like the bookshelf at Vhive compared to IKEA.
Vhive’s bookshelf is short and big whereas IKEA’s bookshelf is tall and slim.
I’m short, so Vhive’s bookshelf suit me better and I can put and arrange more stuffs.
Immediately, we went to Vhive to buy bookshelves, two of them, an extra for me to buy new things after all the renovation and stuffs completes.
As we went there, the staffs persuaded us to buy more items, purchase more than $1k and you can get 10% discounts.
But I prefer other furniture from IKEA, more value for money than Vhive and looks more modern, Vhive belongs to the classic kind.

After consideration, they decided to buy furniture from Vhive rather than IKEA.
Reason being, Vhive provides assembly service but IKEA don’t.
Actually, IKEA does provide, just that they charge and there’s a longer waiting time.

On 17 November, it’s the arrival of the goods.
There was no call.
There was no one.
There was no signing.
There was nothing at all.
It was supposed to be delivered before 2pm with assembly on the spot.

At 3pm, there was still no sign of anything about Vhive.
I decided to call them.
They told me to wait.
I called at 4pm and 5pm then I told them I’m not gonna wait, I need to go for dinner and stuffs.
They told me to keep waiting, they told me to cancel dinner, not to eat and wait.
I called at 6pm and 7pm, they still told me to wait.
I didn’t call at 8pm because I went for dinner.
I called at 9pm they say they’ll check.
Before they close at around 9:45, they no longer picked up my call.

On Sunday, I called them early in the morning, they say they’ll call the head office tomorrow to check.
On Monday, they called back.
They claim to be able to handle everything by Tuesday.

Guess what?
They sent three guys down.
The three guys claimed that they’ve passed the things to the owner, they’ve passed the things to the person whose name was on the bill.
My name was on the bill.
So I asked them to whom did they passed to?
They said they passed to some aunties.
They said the person signed on the bill.
They called the person before delivery and the person was there to collect.
So I said, any evidence? Are you sure?
So they call the number, my phone rang.
They were shocked, LOL… their face.
Then I said, did you pass to me?
Was I here?
Did you call?
They said they called wrong number, may have passed to wrong person, they might have made a mistake.
They said they will call the owner to check.
Everything is under my name, my number, me in front of them, who else can it be?

At night, someone who claim to be the manager called me and scolded me.
He said it’s my fault for not being there.
I didn’t ask them to call.
I should compensate them for wasting time to come down.
He kept talking non-stop.
When he finally stopped, I just questioned him, are you sure?
You know, that day I was there together with other guys who sent Mitsubishi and Electrolux appliances, we signed, we were there, they called and I rushed down, we were all shocked to see packages of Vhive furniture but no one was there.

Today, they texted to say they’ll come but on Sunday.
Amazing, on 17 November I called to ask they come on Sunday, they said impossible, now they say they can do it.
What kinda company Vhive is?

There are more nasty things but I’m still waiting for my stuffs to be done so I don’t want to say them too much, if they’ll do the rest properly then forget it, a new house after renovation, don’t wanna spoil the mood.


Lynn said…
Hey I had a bad experience with Vhive too, their service sux. We paid for 2study tables, 2 study swivel chairs and a bookshelf in full to Vhive in early July 15. They delivered one table to us a few days later. They said delivery for one of the tables and chairs will be in early August and bookshelf in mid August. However, when we called in end July to confirm the delivery date, we were shocked to find out that the table has been discontinued production and no one bothered to call and inform us. Worst, the chairs will only come one month later. The person on the phone just blamed the sales person for selling us a discontinued product without any apology. We cancelled the chair and table in the end and asked for a refund. Now in near end August, we called to ask when would the bookshelf be delivered. They told us there is another 2 weeks delay cause only part of the bookshelf was ready. It's quite appalling that they can delay for 2months in all and yet no one bothered to call to inform us if there is going to be a delay.
Peter Teoh said…
Thanks for telling the story, now I have decided not to buy from them.

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