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Renovation timeline.

The first part is here.

The second part:

Week 5
22 Oct Day 21 no work
23 Oct Day 22 electrical wiring
24 Oct Day 23 no work
25 Oct Day 24 no work
26 Oct Day 25 no work

Week 6
29 Oct Day 26 plaster wall
30 Oct Day 27 false ceiling
31 Oct Day 28 plaster ceiling
1 Nov Day 29 no work
2 Nov Day 30 no work

Week 7
5 Nov Day 31 no work
6 Nov Day 32 paint sealer
7 Nov Day 33 built in wardrobe
8 Nov Day 34 built in cabinet
9 Nov Day 35 no work

Week 8
12 Nov Day 36 air-con
13 Nov Day 37 no work
14 Nov Day 38 lights
15 Nov Day 39 sink
16 Nov Day 40 window grills

Sat, 17 Nov supposed to be the handover after eight weeks of renovation for Singapore’s smallest 3-room HDB flat.
However, due to their level of efficiency, the handover failed but we managed to get hold of the keys already despite the fact that they did not complete the renovation, it doesn’t even have a toilet door =.=
It was also the arrival of our furniture and appliances, those main crucial for daily lives like table to put food to eat and fridge to put food to keep.
My live revolves around food for living things need air, food and water to stay alive.

Monday, the painter and plumber came.
I applaud for the painter, he’s tall, really tall, he didn’t even need to stand on the chair or even stool to paint!
Many flaws in the renovation, they blame it on the painter.
I think that’s irresponsible for I saw how hard he work.
The plumber didn’t even put our things properly, and now we gotta just live with things being on the opposite way.

Electrolux people came on Monday as well to fix our appliances.
They are good! Okay, only one uncle came down.
He’s good and strong, he and the painter joked as they do their work, that creates a fun environment :)

On Tuesday, glass and carpenter came.
The people who did the glass…
They didn’t focus on doing their work, they joke, they joke about me using a small Nokia phone while theirs are smart phones and they miscalculated things.
Are they trying to show their phones are indeed smart but not them?
They think that I ONLY know English =.=
They were shocked when I spoke to them in their language.
But it’s too late, they joked, they laughed and they didn’t do their things properly.

The person who was paid to the overall person to manage this entire renovation then came after that.
2pm became 3pm became 4pm and on 5pm, they were on their way, I wonder which part of Singapore did they come from?
The person arrived with the carpenter.
When he arrived, he didn’t bother to say hi.
He asked me what my problems with the renovation are.

I stated everything.
He didn’t apologize.
He said: so what you want me to do?
WOW! What an answer?

I actually took out many things that we wanted; initially we wanted to build in EVERY SINGLE THING.
But looking at the progress, we decided to buy them ourselves.
Yet this is the kinda handover.
Someone like me who is small sized with a small bladder and I can’t pee since there’s no toilet door?
What if my health suffers?

When the carpenter came, he didn’t bring the required materials as well, gotta arrange for another day.
Well done, this means I’ll have lesser time and the toilet door is still not there yet.
Imagine if I were to build in everything?
I’ll probably have to wait for a few more months.

I’m just wondering, why do you have flaws in your work?
When you have flaws, why are you unhappy that I point it out?
Why is it that I managed to get hold of you and your flaws?
Should everything be done properly, will I ever get the chance to see your flaws?
Why did you not do within the time frame?


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