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Skyfall 007 and dinner at Watami @ The Star Vista.

Yesterday I went to watch 007.

Half the theatre fall asleep, I mean the females.
There’s a little girl behind me, she didn’t fall asleep though.

I wont say it’s a boring show.
However, it’s 007, so expectation is there.
Like when the car came out, it could have been something like the green hornet.
During the introduction, it could have been something like cars.
So on and so forth.

Don’t wanna be a movie spoiler here, but I think many have watched?

Today I went to town, it rained and shone bright and rained again, heavily.
This is where the usefulness of car comes into place.

I was at the bus stop and I saw a mother pushing her child on the pram.
She singlehandedly wore her baby carrier, not sure what to call that.
Her child corporate with her, that’s good :)
Then I saw how she has to wear the whole thing, keep etc…
I didn’t help, wanted to but she seems like a strong independent woman.

I nearly witness an accident; a bike was going between the cars and nearly skit and fall.
Suddenly, the thought of the importance of car, or put in correctly is how a car is so useful at such a time.

Today, Robinson is having a member’s sale for what the society call tai-tais.
Honestly, is being a tai-tai so easy?
The grass is greener at the other side like I always say.

Had dinner at star vista.

The first dish…

The portion is 0.o
The price is higher than Ichiban yet the portion is like half?

Second dish,

not bad…

Third dish is too sweet and salty.

More like I’m eating the sauce than the food when the sauce is supposed to complement the food and not be the main taste.

Then they took a long time for my dessert to come, like half an hour!!!

My fren said that my blog is transforming from a relationship blog to a food blog.

I beg to differ, because I did blog about many other things as well, just random things in my life :)

The dessert.

And the waiter didn’t even bother to throw the tissue =.=

Not value for money.

Gonna keep this recipe for chawanmushi

Counting down!

Here’s a sneak peak:

I’m afraid that people will stalk me to the house so I dare not upload any photos.
But I just wanna share cause I feel so excited when I saw my hard work materialized =D
You know… I spend lotsa time planning, thinking, measuring, drawing, etc…
But I over estimated!

I need to grow taller and heavier!


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