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Monday, 17 December 2012

Chef Hui Hui: Bak-kut-teh (also spelt bah-kut-teh; Chinese: 肉骨茶)

My first attempt in cooking bak-kut-teh

Not bad, as usual, no one had diarrhoea.

No oil, no salt, no soy sauce.
Less to say dark soy sauce.
I’ve got lotsa cuts on me now :/

There’s no need for oil, the pork rib is oily enough.
I changed the soup base thrice!
First, it was bloody.
Then, it was dirty.
And, it was oily.

After changing it thrice, my hand was tired :/
So I continued cooking.

And as after they drank, they complained =.=
I was like “Is it? Then why did all of you finished the food and soup?!”
And they laughed =.=

They didn’t even ask me how’s my hands.