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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Natural beauty is overrated.

As a business student, let’s look at it from a supply and demand situation.

Is there a demand for beauty? Yes.
Guys demand girls to be a beauty.

Not a single guy who I know stood up for me back then when I was being bullied.

Some forgot about me and come to me telling me they don’t care about beauty.
Nice try, I still remember the names I was being called upon.

So is there a supply for beauty? Yes.
Girls put on makeup and even go to the extent of plastic surgery.

Now this creates an oversupply.

When there’s an oversupply, people will choose.

It’s like going to the shopping mall, when there’s only one of that particular product, you’ll just take it.
But if now, there’re more option, you’ll choose.

So now, there’re more “beauty”.
They’ll want, natural beauty.

It’s like buying food and you want organic food.

(How smart of me to think of such good analogy, then again, since when is my analogy bad?)

So why bother to put on makeup and do those surgeries?
I don’t even wanna waste time combing hair =.=