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No oil, no salt, no artificial ingredients do make people healthier.

Today is the first time I’m eating out since the stove came.

Ever since the stove came, I’m a loyal customer to Sheng Siong and NTUC, cooking all their food as home cooked food every single day.
Every single one who ate my food became healthier, no more illness, falling sick, diarrhea or whatsoever :)
Everyone pass motion in the morning, no sore throat and looks good too ^.^

I’m not a good chef, I’m still learning.

I’m thankful to God that everyone’s healthy \(^.^)/

During the process, I do injure myself, but I’m thankful it’s not life-threatening serious and I’m recovering
(while getting new injuries at the same time =.=)

Anyway, I was tired today, so we decided to eat out for dinner.
We ordered eggs, but they taste like sugar.
We ordered chicken, but they taste like salt.
We ordered pork, but they taste like tomatoes.
So on and so forth.

One thing that’s funny, I realize that I’ve NEVER thus far tasted my food before as I cook them.
My fren calls it natural flavor.
I call it pure cooking.

No oil, no salt, no artificial ingredients do make people healthier.
I like it this way.
Just like no makeup, no accessories, no plastic surgeries.



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