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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pink Lipstick (Hangul: 분홍 립스틱)

It’s Saturday, it’s weekend!

I was supposed to be out for movie but I’m now trapped at home due to the uncompleted renovation.
Things are getting from bad to worse.
Pipe is spoilt, the water that flows out when I bath is little, they’ve yet to settle it and now, we cant bath at all.
The weather is so hot, how can I not bath?!

I’m now watching pink lipstick.
My bf asked is it that I wanna put it on =.=
It’s a drama!

It’s about being betrayed and taking revenge.
Bf said that all dramas are like that, true enough, but I just feel this is different.

All she wanted was to lead a simple life.
But some woman just came and put her future under threat.
There came a guy who gave his all to protect her, even when she’s doing something dangerous, he stays with her.
She’s he first but he jolly well knows that he’s not her first but he still be there for her.
If you get what I mean…