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Beyond X元素

I’ve been catching this drama.

I think it’s very interesting.

It makes logical sense out of what we deem illogical.

It has a Wikipedia page:

1. we can get stuck in the middle of the levels.

Imagine if I’m being stuck in the lift and it brings me to another world.
A world of my fantasy.
What will my world of fantasy be?
Who will be in my world?
I don’t think I’ll find my family there.
I’ll probably be in the court every day.
It’s like I don’t dreamt of people I like but people I dislike.
Which is why people don’t say “good night, dream of me”
Because I’ll reply “you want me to dislike you?”

2. you’ll die if someone shakes your hand.

I think I’ll probably die first.
But then again, people also say that those who talks a lot breathe a lot and breathe longer so lead a longer life.
So I doubt I’ll die that fast?

3. a village of dream.

If I were to go to a trip and fall asleep then wake up in another land.
Hmmm… I believe I’ll be a happy person if I lose my memory or at least a happier person if I don’t know what I know, I think so?

4. if we can turn back time.

Honestly, even though I always say I wanna turn back time, I’ve sorta not say it.
Somehow, it’s precisely because of what I went through that made me who am I today right?
Back then, I also said I don’t wanna be who I am.
I think I’ve learnt to be contented so yeah, I’ll probably not change anything but I’ll wanna find out the reason and maybe make consequences not so serious?

5. my inner soul.

Hmmm… who am I?
Everyone I asked says angel =.=
Sure or not?
They said I do things to people who did them to me before.
Every time after doing, I feel bad for days about it.
The thing is I continue doing it.
It’s like a path of no return.
Anyway, they’re still liars even until now.
I really wonder how they sleep at night with that lying tongue.

6. the other dimension.

Who am I?
What will I be doing?
Where will I be staying?

Interesting right?

And see, she’s pretty even with spec on =)

Pondering... if Hui Hui in the parallel dimension never went through what I went through then how will she be like?


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