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Energetic Doer

I’m very bored.

It has been raining the entire weekend.
Both Saturday and Sunday, it rained non-stop.
I cant go out and I’ve got no one to talk to.

So I did personality test.
It’s boring as well.

Like what I got it last year: ESTP.
Boring as well!!!

I’m thinking of where to go for a holiday too.

I know I told girls that I plan to go HK Disneyland.
But that’s because I was talking to girls who play Barbie dolls.
Like I said before, I’ve never even touch a Barbie doll in my life thus far.

Going to Disneyland?
That’s like those girly fairytale.
Now I think if someone from beyond can see my inner world, I’m 99% sure that I must be a man right now.

I wanna go to US because of those exciting rides are there.
But it doesn’t really make sense to travel to the opposite side of the world taking more than 20hours of flight just for rides.
So I said I should perhaps stay there for like a month and try out all the rides.
But it’ll probably be like paying money to scare myself?

Nah, sometimes, it’s the wind that blow against my face.
That kinda feeling that it may face some problem and I may die.
Where I’m falling but nothing really happens.
I don’t exactly know but I just like going for those roller coaster rides.

I like the kinda feeling where my heart beats fast.
Sometimes I think I’m gonna die because my heart isn’t beating fast enough.
It’s like girls look at guys and their heart beat fast.
I’ll be like “what? he’s just a guy =.=”

Sometimes, I look at other girls and I think their life is so simple, if you give them some clothes, bags, shoes, makeup etc, they’ll be on cloud nine.

But me…


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