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Lourve Design Associates Pte Ltd; Lourve Space Pte Ltd; Lourve Interior Pte Ltd.

They’ve collected their cheques, all the sums have been made.

If you remember the renovation timeline.

Someone by the name of Eevon Ng
Claim that they will check but they never checked.

The reason why we let them renovate our house is that they promised to be on the site every day and will not travel overseas.

In the end, the interior designer was on the site on the first day and on the day when they did drilling.

After we moved in as the target handover date is long over, there were 5mains problems affecting our daily lives:
The pipes were leaking.
The stove was spoilt.
No shelving for built-in.
Bedroom doors could not be locked.
Main door could not be opened.

I’m magnanimous enough not to talk about their workmanship and many other minor problems.

Their sliding windows can’t be slide open so it was never opened.
They built casement windows that are of no use since I can’t reach it at all.

That woman made it sound as if I’m very demanding.

Wow~ she doesn’t know how much things I’ve taken out from our initial plans because of their failure to deliver.

Because of them, we’ve to fix the doors, the stoves, the pipes ourselves etc…
Did we pay them to renovate our house or did we pay them to create problems for us to solve?

How nicely they claim:

Vision: To be a world class interior design solutions provider brand leader
Solutions or problems?

Mission: To provide creative designs, deliver professional services and quality homes for our clients by mentoring talents.
Was there any design by your interior designer or my idea?
Professional services like no workers, no management, no resolving of issues?
Quality homes that doesn’t even have shelving for built-ins?
What kinda talent?

Aim: Lead design companies to achieve sustainability
Sustain what?

Belief: To pass down the spirit of Lourve design to next generation
What spirit?

Customer: Treat customer homes as our own
Are you sure?

Service: Effective and efficient
Such as late handover?
Failure to deliver?

Staff: loving, openness, united
Helping one another to deny problems?

Style: responsible, vision, endurance
Responsible in the sense of not being on-site to manage the workers?
Vision that there’ll be problems so ignore them?
Endure what man?

Promise: we deliver what we say
With only 1% of accuracy?

Teaching: mentoring others as we learn ourselves
That we have to overcharge, collect payments, but need not deliver what we promised, as we need to sustain our profit at the expense of our customers. Whether we deliver what we promised is none of our business but for our customers to be responsible since it their house and for them to endure as we won’t be living in it at all.

That’s the outcome of getting:
Lourve : The Leading Interior Designer in Singapore


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