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Thursday, 3 January 2013

So what if my name is cleared and problems resolved?

I met him, first time this year.

It feels so close yet so near.

Imagine someone in front of you, with the wealth, power, status and everything…
Someone who can help you clears your name and resolve all your problems dated decades ago?

I wonder why did God let me meet such a person?
Yet I can’t say a thing about it.

That was what I thought about back then.
This is a brand new year, I asked my friends about it.
No one gave me an answer.

But they made me feel much better.

As I looked at him now, I feel, so be it.

But it goes down to the negative part: so what?

So what if my name is cleared and problems resolved?

There are reasons to why he MAY help me, but what if these becomes the exact same reasons he will tie my future down?

It’s scary.

If he can bring me up, I think he can bring me down.
But I don’t think he will bring me down, but he will make me do things that he want me to do which I don’t wanna do.

I shall just be contented with life.