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Why not learn from the tampines accident instead?

Recently, a fatal accident killed two boys.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s 100% the driver’s fault.

I realized no drivers spoke up.
They said that the driver was exceeding the speed limit.
To be honest, more than half the drivers on the road are driving at that speed limit or more.

As much as people said that he should stop at the traffic light.
Vehicles are supposed to turn rather than stop.
Offence for stopping is severe.

There’s a lag time between the car having to stop and before the pedestrians can cross.
Were they playing as they were crossing?
Did they increase their speed?
Why are they near such a large vehicle?
Why didn’t they dismount their bicycle and push instead?

Take CCK for example, the cyclists there appear to be going straight, but in the split of a second, why are they cycling across the zebra crossing?
Take admiralty for example, cyclists are supposed to dismount and push, but how many did that or they played and treat it as some obstacles course?
The pedestrians at orchard road, the junction at cineleisure, why are people starting to cross the road when the lights are red?
As CNY is near, anyone take a look at the condition at bugis and Chinatown?
And did anyone wonder why is the old uncle still working, driving such a big truck at his age?


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