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Will Tanjong Pagar GRC get to vote in GE 2016?

I’ve been asking myself this question the entire weekend.

I’ve never voted, should I be required to, what are my concerns?

From the point view of someone in his or her 10s:
Education, how many Singaporeans will be able to get into either NUS or NTU?
Not everyone will be aiming for SMU, does everyone who graduates from SMU becomes a manager in the MNCs?
I’m talking about NUS, NTU since these two are valid right now, they provide much more variety from engineering to arts right?
Guys going to NS, they get a chance to re-apply should their first application failed, don’t most guys succeed on their second attempt?
How about girls who got rejected entry to local university?
They have no choice but to go, not local agree?
That’s when they won’t get to meet each other, drift apart, mindset changes, life partners, and eventually singlehood?

From the point view of someone in his or her 20s:
Will one be able to afford a house?
Should females work or stay at home?
If the woman works, who’s gonna cook and take care of the children?
If the woman doesn’t work, will the family financials status be stable?
Can the guy make sure that his job will not be given to “talents”?
Will the government ensure they won’t simply en bloc after couples spend money on renovation new homes?
How are young couples going to ensure that they can feed both their parents and children since government wants women to marry early?

From the point view of someone in his or her 30s:
Is the government going to change policy?
Will I lose my job to the younger workers since I’ve work for years but got no promotion?
Are they going to change the teaching style so that teachers don’t have to teach?
What exactly are the teachers in school doing to cause so many scandals?
How am I going to sustain my family when prices go up but not my salary?
Should I teach my children to memorise work since government seems to appreciate the talent for memorising?
Or should I somehow or through my children bribe the teachers or lecturers so that they can graduate as lawyers?

From the point view of someone in his or her 40s:
When will they stop changing the interest rate?
How long, exactly, do I have to continue paying for my 3-room HDB?
When will I get to take out money from my CPF?
What’s the point if money is inside CPF when we can’t use it even to pay the bills from town council?
Why do we have to upgrade ourselves when degrees or masters that are bought are appreciated more?
If we really upgrade ourselves, does it guarantee a pay rise that can at least cover the cost incurred?
How am I going to pay for my children’s education?

From the point view of someone in his or her 50s:
Am I not supposed to get money from my CPF?
Didn’t they say I would have finished paying for my house by now?
I used my CPF to pay for my children’s university, why can’t my children return my money to me in cash but have to be to CFP, where I won’t get to use it, since it’s my money after all?
Why are my children in debt?
Why are my children going through the same cycle as me?
Should I blame the government or myself?
What can I do?


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