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Endorsement of population White Paper

White paper is govt’s plan to forestall impending crisis: Goh Chok Tong

“These are: (a) changing to a lower gear in our economic growth, (b) a calibrated slow-down in expansion of the non-resident workforce, and (c) extensive construction of infrastructure and affordable housing to meet the needs of the still-growing population,” he said.
Changing to a lower gear is good, much more stable but how low?
Slow-down in expansion of the non-resident workforce, how slow?
How about measures as providing free upgrades to a larger HDB flats for those who have more children?

Goh also spoke on the reduction of Singapore’s reliance on foreign workers, among the most frequently-raised issues throughout the four-day debate thus far, describing it as akin to “weaning babies off milk”.
Shouldn’t there be more elaboration?

“It has to be done gradually,” he said. With reference to the Workers’ Party’s plan of maintaining zero growth in the foreign workforce for the next eight years, he added, “Going cold turkey with foreign workers is traumatic... a reduced inflow of foreign workers will complement the impetus to raise productivity.
True enough, but what will the quota be like?

“Our businesses must adjust, and the government will help them make the transition. Those which are structurally unable may have to rationalise their operations. Some may have to relocate. Affected Singaporean workers must be helped.”
What kinda transition?

Cost of living was No.1 factor for Punggol East vote swing: survey

The top three:

1) Cost of living.
Instead of talking about youngsters nowadays who wants branded stuffs from Gucci to LV, then I think they sorta deserve it.
But basis necessities such as food, the government should indeed do something about it.
Things such as bread can be like $3 a loaf, some goes as high as more than $5.
This is not just inflation from less than $1 years ago.

2) Government not listening.

Then again how many Singaporeans actually said something?

3) Housing affordability.
For the sake of the smallest three room flat in Singapore.

WP proposal is drastic and inherently risky: S Iswaran
Is this a driving lesson or what?
Since they enjoy using driving a car as analogy, then they should step on the break fast and hard first then let go at the end, this ensures a smooth break and you can rest your foot :)

Parliament endorses population White Paper by 77 votes to 13
Why don’t they think about 2012’s dragon year’s baby boom to support the older generation of baby boom?
Shouldn’t they encourage an environment that encourages families?
Focus on getting the traditional way where the women stay at home and reproduce to increase the fertility rate while thinking of how to get the younger generation jobs so that they can afford taking care of the children and elderly at home.

“NMP Eugene Tan abstained from voting and later told Yahoo! Singapore that he initially planned to oppose the motion but decided to take a "leap of faith" after listening to PM Lee's parliament address.”

Don’t you think it’s interesting?

More NMPs reject population white paper
“What signals are we sending to Singaporeans with this blatant discrimination?” Tan asked.

And what signal is being sent with the endorsement of population White Paper?


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