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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Girls that never wear makeup.

It’s the weekend :)

And I was at home browsing the net.

You know what, I’m just thinking, is it a must for all celebrities to put on makeup?
After asking that, I asked myself that.
Yes, I think that’s basic respect for a “high-ranked job”.

Back then, I always asked as well.
How will I look like with makeup?
When will I first put on makeup?

Everyone was like sooner or later.
Apparently, later, I’ve never seen a girl in Singapore who is past my age but NEVER put on makeup.
Show me one if you can.

I think I can be good friends with her (:

I used to think I’ll be working in some managerial position in some sorta MNCs which is why I have to put on makup to face my clients.
But nah, I didn’t work as one.
So, no makeup.

Then I thought, probably on my wedding.

But my fren said, I’ll look worse if I put on makeup =.=

And then I went online and I saw this