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Guys are not ATMs

I was looking through 10 awesome proposals she can’t resist as I was waiting for my hotmail to load.

I was like what?
The Super Mario proposal?

Then saw comments asking if she ate his mushroom =.=
I think that’ll be painful if she bite it.

And then I came across

I doubt it’ll happen in Singapore.
Low probability.

But then again

Even Singapore-based Facebook co-founder staying put in Asia, with his finance, I think he can easily support if he wants to.
That’s not the point.

I think Singapore is becoming a country that you can just stay put here and see the world.
I mean, what can you not find in Singapore?
In Singapore, you can find all sorts of people from all around the world, you name it and there they are.
From America to China to Africa to Australia to London to France to India and the list goes on.
What a globalised country~

And as much as Singaporeans complains about money being insufficient

I think Singaporeans are materialistic.
Especially the girls.

Look at how the girls change guys finding one richer than the other.
From the jack neo incident to those working in the public sector to those in the private sector etc.

I think jack neo is smart in earning money, simply praise the PAP.
Realize that no one stand up for him when he was in trouble?
Except for his wife =.=

I realize his films are just blogger and vloggers who wants fame, he give them fame and probably about 10k each, overrun the movie and decided to split it into two then sell it.
He can then earn double the income, over millions of dollars excluding the extra when he sells the rights overseas.
I realize those people in the movies look so different from their photos.
Their photos are so much more better.


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