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Proportion of Malays in citizen population will not shrink

It’s valentine’s day!!!

Enough about those craps on those confession pages that even made it to local newspaper.
I think most of them are fake cause the people who liked or share them made them appear on my newsfeed and these people are those who always ignore people who shows care and concern to them.
At least for me, I don’t reject anyone who is good to me. See.

That’s not the point.

It’s raining today and I was bored.
Then I came across this:

I was like “are you sure Malaysia’s Malays will wanna become Singaporeans?”
I don’t think so, they are treated so much better in Malaysia especially if they’ll listen, listen, listen… lol
If you know what I’m referring to.

I went on facebook and I saw some postings by students from Private Education Institutions saying that they’re gonna enter local universities such as National University of Singapore…
I know they are gonna import Indonesia’s Malays.

Filipinos are classified as Malays in Singapore as well.

Chinese from China.
Malays from Indonesia and Philippines.
Indians from ???

It makes me wonder like what kinda country will Singapore become in the future?

Does these people come here to become Singaporeans to fit into our society?

Or do they bring along the culture of … ?

Put it this bluntly, why is it that even Singaporeans from local JCs can’t get in local universities yet foreigners who can’t even speak proper English and blatantly cheat in examinations can?

Who doesn’t know that whoever’s an Indonesia’s Chinese will know that once they become Singaporeans, their pink I/c will call them Malays?

Is the government trying to cover up issues as usual?


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