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Singapore Budget 2013: How It Impacts

A summary to the top five main points…

Car Ownership
So COV is now about 100K, they claim it’s dropping to 90K and is possible to be at 20K?
Cars that’s a few months old left?
Why in the first place do we need COV?
Why don’t COV be only for those rich-man-sons?
Can they not implement COV for young couples who are setting up their families?
Can they imagine if the babies are down with fever at night and they need a car to send the children to the hospital?

Property Ownership
Talking about house, don’t they know how expensive it is to buy the smallest 3-room HDB in Singapore?
Those figure, are just figures, what I have is the actual breakdown =.=

Career Issues
WP suggested A Dynamic Population for a Sustainable Singapore
NSP suggested Pausing the growth in foreign workforce & improving fertility rate
Either which, why can’t Singapore’s current government think about assisting Singaporeans in setting up families?
Why can’t they think about how they can create an environment where the guys take care of the family financially while the girls take care of the family motherly?
Are they sure average income has increased from 4k last December and after end of year, it’s 4.5k now?
Such figure makes me feel depressed since my family income is not even half of that :(

Medical Insurance
I guess one can work to death but not work till one fall ill?

Family Matters
Why must children be brought up by grandparents or maids or those childcare centres where the “teachers” are … ?
Why can’t their own mothers bring them up?


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