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When people says it’s impossible…

PAP MPs, ministers take aim at WP 5.9 million population proposal

Aljunied MP Chen faced a volley of questions after speaking at length about the benefits of tapping into the existing pool of economically-inactive Singaporeans -- these include stay-at-home parents and retirees, among others.
How? Creating more work from home job? Such as? Is it the kind where by the bosses expect you to sit at your desk and clock in while monitoring you from a camera or those where the job will take ridiculously long hour where you’ll probably not have time to pee?

“We believe that we should focus on growth through a Singapore core. To quote a population expert, immigration is 'essentially a uni-directional policy tool with permanent or long-term social, economic and environmental consequences, and it cannot be reversed without human rights violations',” said Chen.
Such as? Example?

Instead, he urged the government to encourage more Singaporeans to join the workforce. Citing labour statistics that 1.06 million Singaporeans were not working in 2012, Chen said that the emphasis should be on getting this group of people to re-enter the workforce – and not bringing in more foreign labour.
This statistic being mentioned is good, it’s vague how they always brush off with percentage and cases instead of actual number of people that can be tapped at, but what kinda job can be created?

Acting Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan-jin reminded Chen that the Paper’s 6.9 million number was a ‘projection, not a target’ and that boundaries had been clearly spelled out, which, unlike WP’s proposal, had concrete ideas and initiatives to provide support for Singaporeans.
Don’t you think it’s amazing how they are playing with words? So is it gonna be a target, a projection, an estimation, a dream, a wish or what?

“Our objective is about the people – the quality of life that can be provided at that stage. But the stepping stones – the state of the economy, level of population growth that is needed – we are more interested in the methods to get there – we do have many initiatives, we have the advantage scheme, the SEC which has worked very well,” said Tan.
How well?

He also asked if the WP hires foreign workers to work in their Town Councils through their managing agents.
Honestly, how many Singaporeans wanna be a road sweeper? It’s like until I get my license, I’m being taught to look down at bus drivers, now I think they’re important don’t you see that when they riot and how it affected many people’s life?

Chen replied that WP was not counting only on increases in the labour participation rate to hit boost Singapore’s workforce and that WP expects the resident labour force to grow at one per cent over the next few years, contributing to numbers.

"The Paper positions population growth as necessary for economic growth," he noted. "Singaporeans are then given a Hobson’s choice: Accept more new immigrants and foreign workers, or face a declining economy and lower quality of life."
Is creating an environment that improves the fertility rate not an option?

To them, Giam said they do not envision a need for additional foreign labour "except if we cannot attain 1 per cent growth in the resident labour force".
Was it tried?

He also clarified that the WP does not practice a "zero-tolerance policy" on foreign workers -- instead, they simply do not see a need to increase the foreign labour force size.
Agree, shouldn’t we just solve all the problems we have now rather than letting more problems come in?

Stop the growth in PRs and new citizens: PAP’s Inderjit Singh

People’s Action Party’s deputy party whip Inderjit Singh on Tuesday urged the government to stop the growth in the number of permanent residents and new citizens, and focus on improving the lives of Singaporeans.

“Yes, there will have to be tradeoffs of economic growth but I would rather trade some of these for a cohesive, united nation where people feel taken care of at home and are confident of their future,” said Singh.
So what’s gonna be done about it?

“Instant trees cannot grow strong and can be uprooted in difficult times… as we cannot afford to make Singaporeans lives more difficult as a result. (I’d) rather we err on the side of caution when it comes to growing our population. We cannot keep paying a high price for planning misjudgements,” said Singh.
What misjudgement?

Despite his remarks, Singh stopped short of calling outright for the white paper to not be passed in Parliament.
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

PAP MP moves to drop ‘policy’ from population motion

Holland-Bukit Timah Member of Parliament Liang Eng Hwa on Tuesday sought to strike the word “policy” off from a motion asking Parliament to give its nod to a controversial population white paper.
So is it a policy or what?

Place priority on resolving current strains on the infrastructure, particularly in transport
Do you realise such problems exist at jurong area with those foreign worker?
Or bishan area with those so called foreign talents?
Or orchard are with the foreign expatriates?

Plan, invest in and implement infrastructure development ahead of demand
And right now demand is ahead a supply?

Ensure that the benefits of our population policies, such as better job opportunities and salaries, flow to Singaporeans
What kinda benefit?
Benefit of staying at home while foreigners get the job?

Carry out medium-term reviews of our population policies and assumptions to take into account the changing needs of Singapore and Singaporeans, as well as changing domestic and external circumstances
Such as?

Make Childcare a Public Good: WP

WP NCMP Yee Jenn Jong suggested in Parliament on Wednesday that childcare should be made a public good with open competition.
Why? Shouldn’t they encourage mothers to stay at home with their children?
Have you seen the rise in the number of childcare complains because those people who are taking care of the children are foreigners?

"It is flawed because the industry is left to private market mechanisms, made worse by hugely disproportionate government grants for a small number of anchor operators that give them incredible advantage over other players in the industry," said Yee, echoing fellow party member and MP Lee Li Lian's stance on the childcare issue.
Shouldn’t funds be spent in creating a conducive environment for the growth of the children?
How does it feel if one’s a child and after a day in school, you go to another place that’s like a school?
Don’t you agree that it’s better for children to be brought up by grandparents or maids is a better choice?
But at the end of the day, isn’t having parental love the best of all?
Why don’t they focus on getting the traditional way where the women stay at home and reproduce to increase the fertility rate while thinking of how to get the younger generation jobs so that they can afford taking care of the children and elderly at home?


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