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Worker’s Party‘s population paper calls for higher citizen numbers

So what?
Work from home?
Bringing work back home?
What’s the point if the husband is going to bring the work back home and then do it while the wife takes care of the children seeing the husband work life’s to bring so much work back home, won’t she not want to give birth so as to ease the financial burden on him and go out to the workforce?

Income inequality, do you think the boss will share his profits with you?
Or just a few percents of his profits?
Else, how did he or she become the boss?

So is the government going to make housewife a career?
Who’s gonna take care of the family when the mother is ill?
Who’s gonna feed the children?
Think about it, does housewife has off days?
If the government wants women to be housewives, should they do something about it?

Is Singapore’s education stressful?
If you read

I don’t think it’s stressful since most people end up in private university, you can jolly well pay money and *poof* you get your degree effortlessly.
If one is in local university…
Even if you’re in law school…

As much as they say money isn’t everything, why don’t they make parents with children have other benefits instead of giving cash?
Noting that the government’s baby bonus scheme has not stopped the slide in Singapore’s total fertility rate, Long suggested incentives like free delivery and hospitalisation for the third and subsequent child.


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child