Author of Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child  
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ISBN13: 9780901931214  
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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Only less than 1% of the story is known but everyone have kept quiet so I won’t reveal the other 99% of the story yet.
The story is online, one just gotta find to find out if interested.
Now we know the truth, those people are slandering me just to protect themselves and hence the accusations against me.
They’ve ended up with illegitimate qualification.
Why don’t we reveal the other 99% so that those qualifications will have a better name?

I got an invitation to visit Kaplan

And so I went

Exiting Centerpoint

Approaching Kaplan

And Kaplan’s students smoking away

People should go down to see for themselves and talk to these people then you’ll get what I mean.

Finally, I receive a letter other than my bills, this month.

Not a lawyer letter

This caught my attention

She was retrenched, I always thought she quit her job and wondered why she’s still appearing on screen.

Is it a crime to expose lies and tell the truth?

For my reference purpose:

On 15 march, I posted:

Two days later on 17 March, I get cyber-bullied by Irwin Koh.

On 20 March, I went to the police station, during which, two comments on HWZ about me was created:

At the same time on facebook, EDMW had no gut to comment directly, so they print screen two photos and comment about me:

People, in order to protect themselves, spread untrue rumours that I’ll be sued for allegations when what I said are legit.

Two days later, they posted:

In order to clear my name, I posted one of their many exam papers Q&A up for people to see for themselves.

They are not clearing my name for me and I don’t feel good about it.

It makes me wanna reveal the other 99% of the story, it’s like I’m not gaining anything and I get flamed for no good reason.

Should I sue them for defamation then or should I reveal the entire truth?

Anyway, there’s this person called Bobby Yang

He’s profile say that he’s a gay that says that I’m from China.

Maybe he’s from China and he saw someone like me?

May I know which part because I’ve never been to China, maybe I can find lotsa people who look like me there?

He probably didn’t study in JC and hence his standard of poor comprehension, let’s be understanding :)

I have never taken a plane in my life thus far, I hope to one day have the money and travel overseas.


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